What Are The Top 4 Crypto Exchanges In India: Where To Buy Cryptocurrency?

What is a Crypto-exchange? Apart from gold, crypto is getting major popularity among the new generation, in terms of its lucrative returns and offers. To buy cryptocurrency in India, an investor first needs to create an online storage option for the crypto (like Bitcoin), through a third party, along with finding a crypto exchange. In the exchange, the investor will have to create an exchange account via an exchange service. The account needs to be linked to the investor’s bank account. Buying crypto via an exchange is one of the safest and easiest processes. However, reading all the security measures carefully is very important to invest in the portfolio. Here are some top Cryptocurrency exchanges listed below, that you can select from. Unocoin Unocoin is a very popular crypto exchange in the country because it is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was the first entrant in the Bitcoin space in India; they started at Tumkur, Karnataka, and later shifted operations to Bengaluru. It was established in 2013, at a time, when crypto was not a very common investment option, and only investors with high-risk appetites could only step up for it. The exchange has around 1.47 million registered investors. Via Unocoin you can fix a particular date and time, to sell a certain amount of crypto. Unocoin has over-the-counter (OTC) trade to enable users to trade in bulk. The exchange has also launched a mobile app to be more user-friendly. CoinDCX CoinDCX can be considered as one of the top crypto exchanges in India, in terms of its registered users, above 4 million, who can access more than 200 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and many other altcoins legally. It used to be a start-up, which was launched in 2018 and emerged gradually. More investors started to show interest in CoinDCX because the trading fee is here is very low compared to other exchanges. Additionally, the investors will get the deposits and withdrawals services for free of cost. It is a helpful option for investors in India, for those who would trade directly between the INR and any crypto. The exchange got an award of ‘Elite list of Unicorns in India 2021’ by Tracxn. Zebpay Zebpay is a very simple and user-friendly crypto exchange, along with its security feature to disable outgoing transactions with a single click. Zebpay also gives offers to new investors that if one registers, he or she will get an Rs. 100 cash-back on the first trade of Rs. 500 or more. The offers generally attract new investors more to come into the field. According to Zebpay, two/third of Indians have bought their first Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular cryptos, on Zebpay. The exchange is operating its business since 2014, and they have facilitated above 10 billion dollars worth of transactions in that time. WazirX WazirX is certainly an unusual platform as they have created their cryptocurrency named WRX. The exchange informs, there will be a maximum of 1 Billion WRX coins ever created. An investor can buy WRX against INR, and then it can be exchanged for other available cryptocurrencies. WazirX can be availed across all platforms – on Web, Android and iOS mobile, Windows, and Mac apps. Significantly, security is very important for the crypto field, globally. Here, this KYC process will be completed within a few hours of signing up, safely, while ensuring the right KYC protocol. Investors can do peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions through WazirX, with zero fees. The WazirX P2P service will help the investor to convert money to crypto instantly, where WazirX acts as an escrow for the safekeeping of the transaction.

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