Victoria records 1,254 new COVID-19 cases and five deaths as state hits 90pc double vaccination threshold

Victoria has recorded 1,254 new local COVID-19 cases and five deaths, as the state reaches its target of 90 per cent full vaccination for those aged 12 and over.Key points:Most of Victoria’s COVID restrictions lifted on Friday in anticipation of the state reaching the 90 per cent vaccination targetUnder new rules triggered on Friday, unvaccinated Victorians can no longer visit non-essential retail storesIndustry groups say retail workers have reported increased incidents of abuse due to the new rulesThere are now 10,276 active cases of the virus in Victoria, and 487 people have died during the state’s current Delta outbreak.There are 310 people in hospital with COVID-19, of whom 48 are in intensive care and 31 are on a ventilator.The health department said a further 48 people were in intensive care but their COVID-19 infections were no longer considered active.Most of Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions were lifted last Friday, in anticipation of the state hitting the 90 per cent vaccination target at the weekend.Meanwhile, retailers have reported a rising number of incidents of staff being abused and assaulted because of the state’s vaccinated economy.LIVE UPDATES: Read our blog for the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemicSince Friday, unvaccinated Victorians have been banned from non-essential retail stores.Paul Zahra, from the Australian Retailers Association, told ABC News Breakfast he had received thousands of complaints about highly aggressive customers.”Anything from a hot cup of coffee being thrown at a staff member to a trolley being thrown at a staff member to quite aggressive and physical and verbal abuse, so we’re absolutely concerned,” he said.”We also want to see clear direction from the government about when the vaccination certificates will no longer be required.”Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.WatchDuration: 7 minutes 23 seconds7m Going overseas? Here’s what you need to knowWhat you need to know about coronavirus:Loading form…

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