The importance of being early to stop Covid before it stops Christmas again | Coronavirus

Borrowing from Oscar Wilde, to lose one Christmas may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness. Let’s hope the clamour from scientists and the NHS is heeded (Covid: UK faces ‘another lockdown Christmas if we don’t act soon’, 23 October).Rachel Calam Didsbury, Manchester Please don’t make the quick crossword more difficult (Letters, 21 October). I use it to check that most of my marbles are still in place. To move the goalposts would leave me in a state of undiagnosed befuddlement.Anne Cowper Bishopston, Swansea If Tesco is going to display photos on empty shelves in place of real food (Report, 22 October), it could be more imaginative. Why not pretend to stock Roman dormouse and garum, or paté of ambergris?Dr Michael ParaskosLondon I read the Guardian because it deals with minority issues. I wonder whether it would be possible to have a few meat dishes in the next Feast magazine?John Quigley Walsall, West Midlands Like Mary Berry (Risen nicely, 21 October), I’ve spent a lifetime baking and writing (eg letters to the Guardian). Soggy bottoms also claimed my attention when the family was young. Can I expect my damehood soon?Elizabeth DunnettMalvern, Worcestershire Isn’t wealth just a posh word for greed (Report, 21 October)?Alison JenkinsFelindre, Swansea Have an opinion on anything you’ve read in the Guardian today? Please email us your letter and it will be considered for publication.

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