Chief Minister criticises ‘misinformation spreading online’ about NT COVID-19 outbreak

Chief Minister criticises 'misinformation spreading online' about NT COVID-19 outbreak

Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner has used a COVID-19 update press conference to denounce misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers and overseas conspiracy theorists who, he says, could harm Indigenous Territorians.Key points:Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner says there is “insane, unhinged stuff spreading online” The misinformation is coming mainly from overseas, he saysHe highlighted false rumours about the ADF during the current outbreakAt … Read more

Craig Kelly awarded Australian Skeptics’ Bent Spoon gong for spreading Covid misinformation | Health

This year’s award for “the proponent of the most preposterous piece of pseudoscientific or paranormal piffle” has been awarded to the United Australia party MP Craig Kelly.The Australian Skeptics gave Kelly the “undesirable” Bent Spoon gong for spreading misinformation about Covid and vaccinations.In January, Australia’s chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, rebuked Kelly for advocating for … Read more