Australian Tax Office says it can’t rely on crypto users’ own records

Australian Tax Office says it can't rely on crypto users' own records

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) says it can’t rely on crypto investors to keep track of their crypto transactions and profits — even though most investors try their best. Speaking at the 14th International ATAX Conference on Tax Administration conference on Nov. 23, ATO commissioner Chris Jordan stressed that many new crypto investors may not … Read more

Covid rapid antigen tests: how do they work, and can Australians rely on them? | Coronavirus

From Monday, Australians can buy rapid antigen Covid-19 tests at retail stores including supermarkets and pharmacies, and also online. Previously, only health professionals were able to administer them. Australia’s drugs regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has so far approved nine different home rapid antigen tests for sale.They cost roughly $30 for a packet of … Read more