Here’s what the UK can learn from other countries’ responses to Covid-19 | Siva Anandaciva

Looking at how health services in different countries have responded to Covid, we can see some common ground. Many countries are increasing funding for health services, expanding the number of frontline clinical staff, providing separate areas to care for patients with confirmed or suspected Covid-19, and using digital technology to deliver virtual rather than face-to-face … Read more

Top Crypto Thefts and Hacks of 2020, and What We Can Learn from Them

Crypto Thefts

Staying ahead of cybercriminals for both individuals and especially enterprises is like playing cat and mouse, with so much money at stake, cybercriminals are constantly upping their game, and the sophistication of their attacks. This explains why cybersecurity attacks in 2021, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), have already surpassed the total number … Read more

What the UK can learn from South Korea’s Covid response | Devi Sridhar

With winter approaching, it’s time to talk about the optimal Covid-19 strategy again – and for that, we need to look once more at what’s happening in South Korea.It has vaccinated 79.2% of its population with two doses, and, if it continues administering 220,000 doses a day, will have covered almost 90% of its population … Read more

What We Can Learn From OneCoin, Crypto’s Biggest Scam

What We Can Learn From OneCoin, Crypto's Biggest Scam

Cryptocurrency investing can be an adventure. There are over 12,000 coins to choose from, the market can post dramatic gains or losses in a single day, and crypto projects range from the world-changing to the ridiculous.Volatility is part and parcel of crypto investing. Getting caught up in cryptocurrency scams shouldn’t be. Sadly, crypto’s short history … Read more