Crypto’s impact on sanctions: Are regulators’ concerns justified?

Crypto's impact on sanctions: Are regulators' concerns justified?

The use of cryptocurrencies to evade international sanctions from various international governmental organizations like the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, among others, has been a concern for regulators ever since the creation of cryptocurrencies.The rapidly increasing adoption of digital currencies in the last two years makes this discussion … Read more

Behind crypto’s failed bid for the US Constitution

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Recently, a consortium of crypto investors, ConstitutionDAO, pooled in Ether worth $47 million to buy a first edition of the US Constitution at an auction. They lost, but the effort has brought an application of blockchains and cryptocurrencies to the fore: DAOs.  Here’s  what  it  means: What are DAOs for dummies? Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is built using smart contracts, a … Read more

cryptocurrencies: Coin worth $0.00004893 highlights crypto’s wild decimal frontier

cryptocurrencies: Coin worth $0.00004893 highlights crypto’s wild decimal frontier

When it comes to decimal places, cryptocurrencies are treading into bizarre territory that other markets have never dared — or bothered, really — to go before. Shiba Inu cost just $0.00004893 or so each on Friday afternoon, while Dogecoin fetched less than 1 cent early this year. A Bitcoin can be sliced into a satoshi, … Read more

Crypto’s energy conundrum – pv magazine International

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Novel ideaWhy Bitcoin? Bitcoin’s novel idea, which emerged via a now-famous technical white paper in 2008, authored by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person – or, equally likely, persons, though yet to be identified either way. It involves computing to validate a record of transactions; a database known as a blockchain. Computations are also … Read more

What We Can Learn From OneCoin, Crypto’s Biggest Scam

What We Can Learn From OneCoin, Crypto's Biggest Scam

Cryptocurrency investing can be an adventure. There are over 12,000 coins to choose from, the market can post dramatic gains or losses in a single day, and crypto projects range from the world-changing to the ridiculous.Volatility is part and parcel of crypto investing. Getting caught up in cryptocurrency scams shouldn’t be. Sadly, crypto’s short history … Read more