Investment Alert! Top 10 Crypto Stocks to Yield Profits in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal
December 21, 2021
These crypto stocks have gained huge momentum in 2021 and will yield good returns in 2022.Cryptocurrencies have become one of the hottest areas of financial investment. More and more traders and business institutions are adopting cryptocurrencies as legal modes of payments or conducting authorized transactions. Markets for digital currencies like Bitcoin were unheard of back in 2010 or 2012 but, with its rising popularity, the current global crypto market cap stands at more than US$2 trillion and is constantly rising every day. This sudden surge in value and rapid evolution of the market has created immense wealth for early crypto investors. This growth has led to the emergence of several crypto businesses, and now investors are keeping a close eye on the different crypto stocks for investment. The best crypto stocks yield the most profits and create a direct way of investment in the industry without trading in a particular coin or token. In this article, we have listed the top 10 crypto stocks that will yield the most profits in 2022. Block Inc. Market cap: US$77.061 billionBlock was earlier known as the Square Inc. The company renamed itself to better reflect the company’s new focus on blockchain technology. Block’s business includes Square, which helps enterprises accept quick and secure payments through Cash App, a mobile service payment that allows transferring money efficiently. Investing in this crypto stock will help investors put their money on a company whose executives are focused on strengthening the global crypto infrastructure. Coinbase Global Inc.Market cap: US$63.733 billionCoinbase Global is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, and store their cryptocurrencies on its platform. The company’s mission is to increase participation in the crypto economy as the number of verified users on the platform is increasing rapidly. Coinbase puts a portion of its profits towards adding more assets and products to its exchange to attract more users. PayPal HoldingsMarket cap: US$218.772 billionPayPal Holdings is a payments company that facilitates cross-border electronic transactions at low fees. The services offered by the firm are used by millions of users around the globe. Earlier this year PayPal allowed the use of Bitcoin and three other cryptocurrencies for purchases made through its platform. In late May 2021, the company announced that it was planning to allow third-party wallet transfers of Bitcoin as well. Tesla Inc.Market cap: US$936.543 billionTesla is an electronic vehicle manufacturer that has always been a staunch supporter of digital currencies and started accepting them as payments in early 2021. Earlier, Tesla suspended the acceptance of Bitcoin as payment due to the severe environmental concerns surrounding its mining but has recently announced that the company will resume Bitcoin payments for vehicle sales, given the miners use at least 50% clean energy for their operations. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Market cap: US$166.348 billionAMD is a semiconductor chip manufacturing company whose products are used to mine digital currencies. The shortage of chips in the industry due to the increased demand and supply chain issues has taken the company’s share to new heights in recent weeks. The shortage is expected to last for several months, which will allow the stock to have plenty of room to grow. As mining increases, the company’s sales revenues will continue to increase. Riot BlockchainMarket cap: US$2.709 billionRiot Blockchain is a Bitcoin mining company that engages in industrial-scale mining of BTC, employing over 7,000 miners for the purpose. It operates in North America and is among the top crypto stocks that have returned more than 1,406% to investors in the past year. Marathon Digital HoldingsMarket cap: US$3.478 billionMarathon Digital is another Bitcoin mining company in North America. Marathon has a mining fleet of 31,000 active miners and has about 7,649 Bitcoins with a market value of about US$400 million. The company’s growth has been driven through the investments by miners to increase the hash rate or the speed of mining, to make BTC production more efficient and profitable. NVIDIA Corp.Market cap: US$692.801 billionInvestors who are looking for a long-time play on the blockchain should consider Nvidia Corp. It is a GPU and chips manufacturing company that concentrates on the development of computer and mobile hardware. The powerful chipsets marketed by the company are used in mining operations around the world. Nvidia has created GPUs and processors specifically for crypto mining that has accelerated the company’s popularity in the blockchain and crypto industry. CME GroupMarket cap: US$80.786 billionCME Group is a financial derivatives exchange that offers trades related to cryptocurrencies. As one of the largest exchanges in the world, it is a safe bet of income for investors. In Q3 2021, the company reported a 14% increase in its daily average volume at 17.8 million contracts, indicating a massive growth potential for the future. MicroStrategy Inc.Market cap: US$6.315 billionMicroStrategy is a data analytics firm that is giving increasing allocation to Bitcoin on its balance sheet. MSTR has gained the popularity of being the BTC proxy, and is one of the best contenders among the top stocks. Since the beginning of the year, MSTR has rallied up to 60%, and the stock value tends to increase whenever the company buys more Bitcoins.Share This Article
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