Experts fret for investors as celebrities like Kardashian, Musk tout crypto

“This part of the enthusiasm, this star power exuberance, exacerbates an otherwise spontaneous social phenomenon,” Cunningham said in an interview. “I understand it. I do think we’d all benefit from a little self-regulation.”Some celebrities have experience in crypto, but many don’t, Cunningham said. Education is key, said Cleve Mesidor, public policy adviser at the Blockchain Association.Cryptocurrencies were created by “cypherpunks, libertarians, people of color who wanted to have economic freedom,” Mesidor said in an interview. “It was misfits who came together and created this thing. As it has grown and becomes more mainstream, there are wealthy players injecting themselves into the narrative, but they don’t understand crypto.”She said that if these celebrities don’t educate themselves, they will hurt consumers. Mesidor also leads the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, a group that advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion and promotes female industry leaders in blockchain. 

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