Demole partners with several global crypto companies and is

Hanoi, Vietnam, Oct. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Demole game is expected to be one of 2021’s most popular play-to-earn NFT games. With partnerships in place with several global crypto and DeFi companies, this exciting new platform has the potential for long-term success as it plans its release later this year. What is the Play-to-earn Game Demole? Demole is a revolutionary new 3D RPG that has been built on the NFT (non-fungible token) ecosystem. With an extensive gameplay and mechanics system, both in PvP or PvE modes of play – Demolle promises to be more than just another idle game to play in your free time. This one is expected to surpass previous successful titleholders such as My Defi Pet by leaps & bounds because of its many advantages in the storyline, graphics, animations, and especially its earning mechanisms. From the early days of the project, Demole has received a lot of attention from the gaming community, crypto investors, and especially crypto and DeFi funds and companies worldwide because of its great potential in the future. Who are Demole’s partners? DAO Maker DAO Maker is a pioneer in the field of decentralized ecosystems. They provide an organized structure for blockchain and crypto projects, empowering any community’s members to effectively leverage their resources together towards a common goal – improving token value by rewarding project enhancing actions with rewards based on how many added values each individual provides. X21 Digital X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm that works to help clients accelerate their growth in the industry by shortcutting them on their path of success. They focus mainly on giving optimal strategic advice, which will lead these businesses towards quick maturation while also increasing exposure within this growing market. AC Capital AC Capital is an investment firm that specializes in blockchain and finance, dedicated to discovering unicorns by bringing them out of the shadows with their investments. The company also provides marketing services for entrepreneurs trying to get started on this exciting new technology. Magnus Capital As a pioneer in the digital assets space, Magnus Capital has been investing since 2017. They find early-stage projects that are actively developing scalable solutions for decentralized finance ecosystems and look forward to helping them grow. Raptor Group Founded in 2000, The Raptor Group is a family office and investment company backed by the Family Office of Jim Pallotta. They find and invest across various stages for both early-stage companies as well as public or private equity which has ranged from technology to fintech industries such as sports entertainment, media, and healthcare. Labs Labs, operated by Gate Technology and dedicated to researching potential crypto projects in the games industry has today announced their partnership with Demole – one of NFT’s pioneers that will be bringing this revolutionary market into people’s homes through online gaming or even more immersive experiences like VR where gamers can purchase game assets without ever leaving home. Basics Capital Basics Capital is a diverse organization that has an investment and incubation strategy, as well as the ability to collaborate within this space. They’ve invested in more than just cryptocurrency projects – their most famous successes include DAO Maker, PolkaFoundry, and GameFi. Momentum 6 Momentum 6 offers an all-inclusive approach for entrepreneurs to build innovative products and immersive experiences, especially with blockchain-based technologies. They provide support from idea conception to product release; on top of that they even develop customized branding strategies in today’s world competitive market. LupaX Capital Lupa X Capital is an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain industry. They specialize in developing early-stage projects with a focus on Defi, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), service offerings & smart contracts for developers around Western Europe or Eastern Asia who are focused on launching their project onto one of our prestigious listings globally – guaranteed success. Metrix Capital Metrix Capital is a vehicle that uses knowledge, expertise, and community contacts to invest in crypto projects. They utilize proprietary research as well as data engines to find the most fundamentally sound ones while simultaneously establishing new partnerships with various players within this ever-expanding space. Interchain Ventures Interchain Ventures is a new, groundbreaking investment firm that has been made up of experienced business professionals. They are looking for partners who have goals beyond just making money and will work hard with them on ventures they can accomplish together – whether it’s investing or running their own company later down the road. With the potential to become a craze in the NFT gaming market, Demole’s list of partners continues to grow, preparing for their Q4 2021 launch campaign. Follow us Website: Twitter: Announcement Channel: Discord: Chat Channel: Reddit: Whitepaper: Instagram: Mail: [email protected] THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL OR A SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO BUY SECURITIES, OR TO SUBSCRIBE TO SERVICES HERIN. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED, NOR SHOULD IT BE DISTRIBUTED, FOR ADVERTIZING PURPOSES, NOR IS IT INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION OR BROADCAST TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

Demole partners with several global crypto companies and is expected to be the best play-to-earn NFT game in 2021

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