Crypto will disrupt the financial industry more

India has historically invested heavily in science and technology, and created a digital society by providing increased access to the Internet. The country is poised to be a leader within blockchain and crypto. Besides banking and financial services, blockchain can increase efficiency of land ownership deeds, supply chain, agriculture, and corporate sustainability.Innovations At Breakneck SpeedWith greater funds, expect to see more innovation akin to 2021. The increased attention from retail investors in 2021 will help drive innovative endeavors such as social networking, gaming, FinTech, VR, AR and more.Where businesses were apprehensive on rushing into crypto and blockchain, compelling use cases which address real-world problems may help ease them in. Integrating innovative solutions will build confidence, and encourage more ideas in the space. Crypto innovations in 2022 will hopefully bridge the gap between traditional and new-age businesses.Explosion In DeFi SpaceDeFi saw rapid innovation in 2021, and we will likely see burgeoning interest and innovation in 2022, with SocialFi and GameFi acting as key drivers. The rising popularity of NFTs, play-to-earn games and the Metaverse enrich communities as they do not focus purely on financial gains. They draw interest from a diversified crowd that is invested in identity construction, futuristic gaming, virtual real estate, art collection, fandoms.The challenges remain in DeFi, particularly in building sophisticated financial instruments, establishing liquidity and capital efficiency and managing risk and security. As DeFi matures, smart solutions will emerge to support the community’s demands.In 2021 there been much headway in the industry, with brilliant projects and partnerships laying the groundwork for crypto to gain traction. Advancements in regulation, innovation and adoption continue to create synergies that place crypto firmly on its trajectory towards mass adoption. We are excited for the move to a bigger, better blockchain space.

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