Covid-19: Nearly all Pfizer vaccines in central storage must be used before January expiry date

Nearly a million Pfizer Covid vaccine doses are due to expire by the end of the January, but Medsafe says the vials will be used “well before” then. As many as 55,770 vials of Pfizer – each containing up to six doses – are due to expire before the end of the year. Another 101,790 vials are due to expire by January 31, totalling 945,360 doses. That’s enough to double vaccinate more than 470,000 people. It is nearly all the doses currently in the Government’s stockpile, with more expected to arrive during October. The vaccine vials are held in ultra-cold temperatures in the Government’s central vaccine storage. Vaccines that expire are destroyed, Medsafe group manager Chris James said. READ MORE:* Covid-19: Medsafe seeking information from Pfizer about possible third dose* Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine approved for use in 12 to 15-year-olds in New Zealand* Biden boosting world vaccine sharing commitment to 80 million doses “We manage our stock on a ‘first to expire, first out’ process and expect all these vials to be used well before their expiry date.”Tom Lee/StuffNearly all the vials in the Government’s stockpile will expire by the end of January. (File photo) Ministry of Health data showed there were more than 1 million doses in its stockpile on October 3, although this doesn’t include doses in transit or already at vaccination sites around the country. The Ministry of Health manages stock at each vaccination site and has asked District Health Boards to ensure vaccines with the nearest expiry date are used first. Officials administered less than 470,000 doses in the past week, an average of 67,000 doses a day. More than 51 per cent of the eligible population are double-vaccinated which leaves more than 2.21m New Zealanders aged 12 and over needing at least one dose. Ricky Wilson/StuffVaccinations have been on-going around the country as more cases leak out of Auckland, the centre of the Delta outbreak. (File photo) More Pfizer shipments are due to arrive before the end of the year, but officials don’t know the expiry dates on the vials until they arrive. New Zealand made a deal for more Pfizer doses with Spain and Denmark when demand for the vaccines caused supply issues.

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