Covid-19: Man who had up to 10 vaccines in a day labelled ‘dumb’ and ‘selfish’ by experts

Vaccine experts say a man’s decision to have up to 10 Covid-19 vaccines in a single day on behalf of others was dangerous, dumb and selfish. The Ministry of Health is investigating the actions of man, who Stuff understands visited several vaccination centres and was paid for receiving the jabs. “We are taking this matter very seriously. We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the appropriate agencies,” Covid-19 vaccine and immunisation programme group manager Astrid Koornneef​ said. The ministry would not confirm where the incident took place, but advised anyone who knows someone who has had more doses than recommended to seek clinical advice as soon as possible. READ MORE:* Covid-19: Man receives up to 10 vaccines in one day* Covid-19: 60 people in hospital, three in intensive care in Delta outbreak* Battling Covid with Vitamin D, mouthwash, and a dose of stupidityChris McKeen/StuffVaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris says the man would probably be fine in the long run, but it was likely he would have felt “not too great” the day after. University of Auckland vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris told Stuff there was limited data on what might happen to someone who had 10 Covid vaccines in a single day, as studies did not cover such excessive doses. “It’s a really dumb thing to do,” she said. Regarding any long term effects the man might suffer, she said he would probably be fine as the vaccine would leave his body in a few days. But it was likely the man wouldn’t have felt too great the next day, she said, as a more vigorous immune response is what causes side effects. “I think the chances of them feeling extra awful are higher than someone who had a regular dose.”SUPPLIEDIt is understood the man went to several vaccination centres. She added that while the man would certainly have immunity from Covid-19, there was no additional gain from having so many jabs, as the immune response triggered would plateau. This was one of the factors considered when scientists established the recommended size of the dosage, as a higher dosage would increase reactions, but to no benefit. It was impossible to know when the man would require his second dose, but Petousis-Harris believed he probably wouldn’t want to get it in a hurry. She wondered about the man’s financial situation and whether he was desperate for money, but was also critical of those privileged enough to pay to avoid getting the vaccine. “It’s unbelievably selfish,” Petousis-Harris said.Jericho Rock-ArcherImmunologist professor Graham Le Gros says it is wasteful for the man to have so many vaccines when there are others yet to be vaccinated. Malaghan Institute director and immunologist professor Graham Le Gros said it was “silly and dangerous” for both the man and those people not getting the Covid-19 vaccine, especially with the Delta variant around. He added that the man probably had a “really sore arm” after having 10 jabs. While the immune system was clever in that it “maxxed out” at a certain point, meaning it was unlikely 10 jabs in a day would cause death, Le Gros said having so many doses could mean the vaccine doesn’t work as well against the virus. “Immune systems are not a linear thing, you need just the right amount … to get a really powerful, beautiful immune response that protects you.” Repeated dosing – or the process of having one dose followed by another several weeks later – caused a much higher immune response compared to having a lot of a vaccine at once, he added. Additionally, it was wasteful to take up more vaccines than necessary. “They’re not making themselves safer, and their certainly foolish by aiding people who need to be made safe.”

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