COVID-19 live updates: Biden’s 6-pronged strategy to fight pandemic

The number of COVID-19 patients currently in U.S. hospitals stands at almost 102,000 — more than four times higher than the number of patients one year ago (about 25,000), according to federal data.A nurse checks the IV’s inside the ICU as she works with a COVID-19 patient at Adventist Health Glendale on Sept. 1, 2021, in Glendale, Calif.EMS paramedics take the vitals of a man suffering from possible COVID-19 symptoms in McLoud, Okla., Sept. 8, 2021.More than 2,355 children are currently in U.S. hospitals with COVID-19, according to federal data.Some hard-hit areas show signs of stabilization. Florida, for example, now has about 13,000 hospitalized patients, a drop from more than 17,000 patients earlier this summer.But Kentucky and Idaho are both now seeing record hospitalization levels.-ABC News’ Arielle Mitropoulos

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