BTS’ Suga tugs at heartstrings with thoughts on ‘prolonged isolation’ in covid-19

BTS’ Suga tugs at heartstrings with thoughts on ‘prolonged isolation’ in covid-19BTS’ Suga recently wore his heart on his sleeve and addressed his thoughts regarding the covid-19 pandemic and its imparting ‘social isolation’.The singer shed light on it all during his interview with Weverse and started off by detailing the silver lining.He started off by admitting, “I look at it as, when you lose one thing, you gain another. I ended up being able to see my family more since I’m in Korea. In that sense, I feel more stable, so I’m not so much tired as hoping each day that things will become okay soon.”“I keep moving back and forth between work and home, and I’ve started to reflect on parts of myself I didn’t know about before.”He also went on to admit, “Like that I feel somewhat comfortable when I start and finish work at a certain time.”“While I used to have to go to bed at a certain time for work the next day or else I had a hard time getting up early, now I know I’ve figured out what time I should wake up at to make sure I feel good all day.”Before concluding Suga added, “What I pursue in life is emotional stability, and I don’t think there’s really anything too exciting or sad happening these days.”

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