Bitcoin Suisse Founder Steps Down As Crypto Retrenches

Niklas Nikolajsen, who was one of the three to found Swiss cryptocurrency platform known as Bitcoin Suisse in 2013, will be stepping away from the company as of Jan. 1. The Zug-based company announced that Nikolajsen would be stepping down from his role as chairman of the board for current board member Luzius Meisser to take his place. Nikolajsen will remain in the role of honorary chairman but not actively lead the company.”In 2013 I launched Bitcoin Suisse, together with Fabian Hediger and Andrej Majcen, convinced of the potential of digital assets and crypto-financial services,” Nikolajsen said in a statement on his departure. “It has been an incredible journey and an exceptional privilege to see our dreams become reality.”Originally from Denmark, Nikolajsen was an early adopter of bitcoin and had come to Switzerland with the goal of bringing it to a country known for its strong and traditional banking structure. After nearly topping $70,000 in November, bitcoin has ebbed back down again and hovered around $47,000 for the last week in a sign of volatility long discussed by many analysts.As reported by the company, Bitcoin Suisse currently has CHF 6 billion (roughly $6.5 billion) in crypto assets under direct custody and generated revenues of CHF 70.3 million (around $76 million) in the first half of 2021. The new leadership plans to continue trying to push acceptance of cryptocurrency into the Swiss economy.”I am extremely thankful and very proud of the major part Bitcoin Suisse has played in making this happen, as well as for our role in founding the Swiss crypto financial services marketplace as it exists today,” Nikolajsen said.

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