B.C. to hopefully start offering COVID vaccines for children in early November

B.C.’s provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Health Minister Adrian Dix are providing an update Tuesday on the COVID-19 crisis in the province.
Henry said parents can now register their children, ages five to 11, to receive a Pfizer vaccine, once it is approved by Health Canada.She said the province is looking at early November to be able to provide vaccines for that age group.Eligibility could be based on children in high-risk communities and families with multiple children that can get vaccinated together.On immunizing kids, Dr. Henry says won’t be in doctor’s offices yet. Says wont be based on age, will be based on locations with higher spread while also trying to immunize everyone. About 340k 5 to 11 in BC. #bcpoli— Richard Zussman (@richardzussman) October 12, 2021 Story continues below advertisement

Henry also said she is officially making the change to the indoor public mask mandate to include everyone ages five and up.The mandate aligns with the COVID mask mandate in schools, requiring everyone from kindergarten and above to wear a mask indoors.It includes malls, shopping, grocery stores, libraries, community centres, pubs and bars as well as workplaces where people interact with larger parts of the public.
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B.C. to change indoor public mask mandate to ages five and up

B.C. health officials to provide COVID-19 update Tuesday

B.C. health officials to provide COVID-19 update Tuesday

The situation in B.C.’s north continues to be a concern for health officials.Dix said Tuesday that 55 people have now been transferred from Northern Health ICU to Vancouver Island, Coastal or Fraser Health regions. Story continues below advertisement

Of those, 43 have tested positive for COVID-19 and 42 are not fully vaccinated, Dix added.Over the Thanksgiving weekend, 14 patients alone were flown from Northern B.C. to other regions.“That’s how they spent their Thanksgiving weekend,” Dix said.

Interior care facilities planning for staff vaccine deadline

Interior care facilities planning for staff vaccine deadline

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Care homes in B.C.’s Interior plan for possible staffing impact as vaccine deadline looms

Long-term care homes and assisted living facilities staff must have at least one dose of a COVID vaccine Tuesday in order to maintain employment.Dix said Tuesday there is still 1,955 staff who are not vaccinated in long-term care at today’s deadline. That is about 5 per cent of the workforce. Story continues below advertisement

However, Dix added these include casual staff that are not on the schedule at this time.All B.C. health-care workers must be vaccinated by Oct. 26.On Friday, the province reported 743 new cases of COVID-19, along with five additional deaths.Dix and Henry are expected to provide an update on the number of vaccinated people in B.C.As of Friday, 88.6 per cent of eligible residents have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine and 82.2 per cent of people were fully vaccinated.
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COVID-19: Vaccine registration open for B.C. kids 5+ but no timeline on approval

COVID-19: Vaccine registration open for B.C. kids 5+ but no timeline on approval

COVID-19: Vaccine registration open for B.C. kids 5+ but no timeline on approval

On the weekend, the B.C. government confirmed it has opened up registration for younger kids to get the Pfizer vaccine. Story continues below advertisement

While Pfizer has requested Health Canada approve its vaccine for kids aged five to 11, the B.C. government said is getting its ducks in a row for if and when that approval comes.The province has said it will notify parents when it’s time to book a vaccine appointment for children and it will be based on eligibility, not when they were registered.This story will be updated following the press conference. 

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