Antex raised a total of $7.3M to bring the crypto world to

HANOI, Vietnam, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Antex provides the decentralized foundational layers for a new digital economy with following products: stable-coin, crypto/fiat, DEX, launchpad, lock liquidity and lock token and plays the role as bridge for applying crypto to real daily life through VNDT wallet and VNDT stable-coin. VNDT Wallet builds on the original vision as the payment gateway in between Cryptocurrency and Fiat. It provides a liquidity gateway of crypto-fiat and its transactions via V-Pay by QR-Code in real life. The VNDT Wallet becomes one of the most initial gateway in connecting the users to the decentralized finance ecosystem conveniently. VNDT Wallet has been launched since July 2021. VNDT Wallet acquires +100k users from nearly 50 countries. The wallet plays the central role of exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money in not only Vietnam but also globally. Antex raised a total of $7.3 millions in which $4.8 millions through Antex token sale and $2.5 millions from NextTech Group and Next100 Venture. The token funding round is led by Gelos Venture and with participant from Halving Capital, Amun Capital, Atlantic Capital, MIC Holding, Victory Venture, AVA Capital, ADN Capital, BSCLaunch, Crypto Era, Trade Coin X1000BTC, Ant Trading, Launch Zone, Easy Crypto, AliTrade, 68 Trading, BFA Group, CHIP Group, KTS Capital, Easy Trading, S-Finances. The fundraised will be spent for building up and upgrading innovative features of Antex Ecosystem including Ant-Launch, Ant-Lock, Ant-Dex, Antex wallet as well as VNDT wallet and VNDT stablecoin.  Vietnam is one of the leading markets in accessing crypto investment in the world. With the sustainable foundation of stablecoin VNDT, the Vietnamese investor community can access and integrate into the Crypto/Blockchain world conveniently. In addition, the Antex ecosystem will be a pedestal for Vietnam’s Blockchain projects to the crypto world and the world’s Blockchain projects are able to approach the Vietnamese Crypto community easily. This is the missing piece in the market that Antex solves by the DeFi platform (Antex Blockchain Wallet,  AntLaunch, AntLock). Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh – CEO of NextTech Group shared that: “Antex provides a completely defi ecosystem for developers and community with advancements in each product and feature. Antex brings the solution for current issues of crypto market and support for popularize the crypto to everyone” CEO Antex – Mr. Henry Tran stated that: “We want everyone in the communities to be able to access the Crypto world in the simplest and safest way, even a babysitter or an office worker can access the world’s Crypto currencies through-out Antex Ecosystem conveniently. Fiat payments are used in real life already, and now Antex has done another higher level of approach by those launched products.” Related: Antex’s upcoming roadmap: As planned in the fourth quarter of 2021, Antex Token will open for sale and Listing on exchanges, currently the listing is in the preparation stage, so it has not been announced yet. Products in the Antex ecosystem are continuing to be perfected and open up new directions in applying Crypto in real life such as launching V-Pay payment solution, developing NFT Marketplace for Game market. and Art. In September 2021, Antex launched Antex – Blockchain wallet with many attractive features such as automatically adding new chains (with more than 70 chains) and more than 500 tokens, NFT storage, and Swap AI. In October 2021, AntLaunch incubator will come into operation, promising to bring many quality investment projects to the community. Currently, Antex has 100 employees, of which 70% is a technology team to bring the best and high security products to users. Website:https://Antex.org Social media Medium: Twitter: Telegram Global Community: Telegram Channel: Youtube Channel: Discord: Linkedin:

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